CompeGPS TwoNav  v.2. 4. 2002

TwoNav is a dual navigation system (On-Road/Off-Road) to perform most of your outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, geoacaching, ...). TwoNav can also guide you when driving. A single solution for all your orientation needs.

Mosquito and tourist

Do you like tourism or hiking or mountaineering tourism or boating tourism? Then you need to like a mosquito. Look at the picture and see how Russian mosquitoes eat American man who want fishing at the Volga fiver. The best time for fishing Russian rivers


Magic Tree 3D Screensaver Powered by  v.1.0

Imagine yourself hiking around green mountains and suddenly discovering what you were looking for! A mystic pond with an island in the middle. And on the island, as a vigilant statue vibrant with life, stands the old oak tree.

Kinomap Maker  v.

Where've you been? Upload and share your GPS tracks in video with Kinomap Maker! Biking, hiking, driving, ..., this application lets you shoot while recording your location and then upload the track on kinomap.com. Your geolocated video becomes

Sunrise and Sunset  v.

This app is helpful when you are hiking, camping, fishing, sailing or exercise any other outdoor activity. It shows today's sunrise and sunset times and the remaining time until the sun sets (during daytime) or rises (during night time) for your

WTA TrailBlazer  v.

Find great places to go hiking all over Washington state with the official Windows Phone app from the Washington Trails Association! TrailBlazer lets you explore the WTA's vast trails database without being tethered to your computer. Features

DeadManAlert  v.

DeadManAlert is a tool that will watch you while you are doing potentially dangerous activities alone. (Such as repairing the roof, horseback riding or hiking.) Once the phone's motion sensor does not detect any sign of activity for more than 90

SmartMaps  v.

The application is dedicated to view raster maps. SmartMaps are helpful in road navigation, hiking, biking as well as city walks. Raster maps are available for Czech and Slovak Republic. Available maps: 1:10 000 (walking, car) 1:25 000 (walking,

Simple Altimeter Free  v.

This app answers one simple question: What's my elevation, according to the phone's GPS chip? Have you ever been hiking, skiing, boarding, or even just driving and wondered what your approximate elevation is? This is the app for you. The best part

Trail Buddy  v.

Trail Buddy is a GPS location tracking application designed for walking, hiking or biking. It is also suitable for geocaching and other activities that benefit from GPS and mapping. Trail Buddy supports setting and locating waypoints,

Mapass  v.

If you travel, go walking, hiking or are just exploring unfamiliar places then Mapass is for you. How often is it when you are using a map to guide your travels and you come across something interesting to see?

EzAltitude  v.

What's my elevation? Have wondered what your elevation is when you are hiking, skiing or boarding? ezAltitude is the app for you. ezAltitude is a intuitive altimeter which reads your location from your phone's built-in GPS in real time. Moreover,

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